Sculptures Bachelard


When gazing into the sculptures, the space beyond and around is roughly framed. Combining in a cubist manner the differently framed perspectives, the sculptures propose to « render the quality of a specific portion of space ». A « rendering » not in the sense of a photograph – or it would be a kind of camera that would take one shot and then petrified itself in the form of the environment targeted – but more like an abstract model concentrating, agglomerating, in a sort of nucleus (and somehow in an animist concept) the spirit of this space. Each sculpture thus, transposes into a geometric summary portions of space which, according to their location, suggest different qualities of atmosphere. If six of the seven « viseurs » relate to the character of the different points of view, the seventh relates to a precise event : a modest bronze assemblage, fixed in the corner of a pond, below the thematic garden, perpetuates a tradition of garden landscape which conceals images, perspectives or symbols. Given favorable position of the sun, the reflection of this seemingly heterogeneous element appears a regular geometric. The reflection presents a circle encased in a square itself inscribed in a triangle. This figure referring to Bernard Tschumi’s master plan for the park.