Le tour du blues en 80 mondes

Editions Sens & Tonka, Paris, 2005

Music carries its own images. With the melody the jazzman lives within all aspects of the word. Musicians are interested by biology, politics, fly-fishing, ant’s behavior, Burgundy cooking, enology and quantic physics and they watch films. All that is easy to guess, but is unceasingly occulted by compartmentation maniacs : a jazzman lives within jazz.
The projet Around the Blues in 80 Words inaugurates a dislocation of this partitioning. More : it attacks a fixed attitude of the filmmakers who use music principally to promote their images, instead of images generated by the music.
With Around the Blues in 80 Words roles are reversed. In the first part of each short film, music is alone, all by itself, played in front of an absent screen — not black but made of a kind of blue… which allows an attentive listening. After what are revealed the images and contes carried by the melody.