Space in Profile

Les éditions de La Villette, Paris, 1993

The initial astonishment experienced by readers of this book will no doubt be prolonged by a tonic curiosity about its research entailing physical and corporal demonstrations of a mental exercise directed toward the place where « nothing will have taken place but the place »(Mallarmé). A public art that follows this logic opens up space instead of obstructing it; by practicing the materialization of the invisible, it relieves us of the weighty and commemorative narcissism which prevades the plethora in the urban environment.
François Séguret, Paris 1993

Space and time cannot, nowaday, be dissociated and when contemporary art explores space and its caracteristics, it still retains the memory of time, from which it cannot be completely removed. This does not discourage Albert who even plays with it by creating choreographies (with Michala Marcus, A treat, 1980, or Sarah Berges, Kaluza, 2015)
Anyway he always go beyond our run-of-the-mill dual thinking machines: object/images, virtual/real, etc., beyond our old hat modern ideas to the functioning of the human structure as constructed by the imaginary, the real and the symbolic; he has arranged « stops in space » which condense the efforts of our senses, imparting their instantaneous intelligence of the world.
So specifics characteristics of space are perceived by separation : space A, space B…
Françoise Very, Paris 1993

L’espace de profil